What keeps a hybrid denture from breaking?

A hybrid denture is completely supported by dental implants. Sometimes clinicians are limited in where they can place a dental implant. This may cause the need for what we call a distal cantilever or extension.

note  distal extensions behind last screw hole on each side

note distal extensions behind last screw hole on each side

The longer this extension, the higher the risk of breakage and possibly bone loss around the last dental implant. The above bar is a milled titanium bar out of a solid block. The incidence of breakage with this material and method has proven to be much less than the past methods of cast alloys. Without a supporting metal frame such as this, any cantilever extension will almost certainly break.

Other factors:

  • Patients with hybrid dentures on both top and bottom jaws can generate as much if not considerably more force than when they had their natural teeth. This is due to the lack of proprioception that teeth provide when biting down. This increased force can sometimes be too much for almost any material, therefor material choice, design, and patient education are important considerations
  • Ill fitting frame/hybrid to dental implants
  • Occlusion (how the teeth come together
  • Loose screws

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