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5 out of 5 stars based on 34 reviews.

Patient Review By Archie M

Stars all the way around

- Archie M

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Patient Review By Felice R

I am and will always be forever grateful to both doctors and miss Helen they gave me my smile,confidence and self esteem back! They did fantastic work and everything from start to finish was wonderful!! I couldn't refer anyone to a better team of doctors and staff!! I love them all and they will forever hold a special place in my heart!! I have never ever met a more caring or loving family!! Thank you all so so very much and you guys will never be forgotten!!

- Felice R

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Patient Review By Ana S

Awesome dental clinic

- Ana S

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Patient Review By Shaketa W

Prior to this appointment, I was fully prepared to tell the Doctor to just throw my whole tooth away. From the moment that I arrived, I was greeted with a warm and friendly smile in such a nice and clean environment. The staff is small, but was very attentive to me. Although I was a dental assistant at one point, I'd be lying to te you if I told you that I wasn't a bit apprehensive at first, but they made me feel comfortable. They answered all of my questions and explained everything to me in great detail, step-by-step about what was going to happen. They even showed me pictures of exactly why I had been in so much pain, and they told me that I was going to feel so much better after my visit, and they were right, I DID!!! I felt instant relief immediately after my procedure was over. Although I wouldn't wish that pain I experienced on anyone, if you need instant relief from tooth pain from a great staff, I would highly recommend this staff.

- Shaketa W

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Patient Review By Luis R

Great Job Done, Happy with my teeth and they look great!!!

- Luis R

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Patient Review By Rick B

The Doctor and entire staff are professional, kind, compassionate, and understanding. The nurses/Techs are sweet and their willingness to make me feel comfortable is beyond words. The entire staff is incredible. I would not want to go anywhere else. They make you feel like family.

- Rick B

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Patient Review By Cynthia K

I received the best care imaginable! On the worst weather day of the year, Dr Bryhn drove on icy roads to provide me with the care I needed. He offered a conservative care plan that allowed me to keep the tooth that my dentist told me wasn't possible. He preformed a root canal procedure the same day even though I booked the appointment for an extraction which requires much less time. The procedure went very well and I was comfortable during the entire process. His office staff is amazing also! So professional, friendly, and committed to good quality care that it lets you know you are in good hands. The day after my procedure I received a call from Dr Simmons office to make sure I was doing well. All I can say is, this practice is the example that all medical practices should aspire to!

- Cynthia K

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Patient Review By Linda G

Best Ever!!!! I am an anxious patient, but I had such great care. I was able to relax a little. Thanks

- Linda G

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Patient Review By Kathy C

Dr Bryhn answered all my questions and most of all is "down to earth professionally casual"....which allowed me to go through dental procedures without the anxiety of past years with other offices. He immediately builds a trust level and doesn't go overboard with what I deam " addt'l unecessary procedures or x-rays". Is young and extremely well educated with the latest successful procedures. The overall office environment respected MY time and focused on best avenues to benefit ME. A great group with sound...tried and true practices.

- Kathy C

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Patient Review By Jose H


- Jose H

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Patient Review By Gloria T

Thank you for the recommendation.

- Gloria T

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Patient Review By Esther C

Great Doctor and Staff!!!!!!!!!

- Esther C

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Patient Review By Dorothy C

I've been in dentures since I was 17 years old and I have never felt comfortable until now. I thank Angie and Dr. Bryhn Simmons for giving me my confidence and smile back. I'm very happy.

- Dorothy C

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Patient Review By DPatrtick C

My name is DPatrick Callahan. I was thinking as I was preparing to write this review that anybody who reads it will probably think that I am probably being paid to write it. The reason being that I am so totally happy with all of the work that has been done over the years by doctors Wayne and Bryhn Simmons. I was involved in a serious accident in the spring of 1992. My jaw was shattered, I had groups of 3 and 4 teeth separated from the mandible, and teeth that where sheared from the impact of the lower row of teeth being slammed into the upper row of teeth. Overall it was a pretty traumatic experience. As the recovery process began it was evident that I would need someone who really knew what they were doing to put me back together again. After two years of searching I found Doctor Wayne Simmons and we had a consultation. I felt comfortable with his plan of action and his professionalism. So the journey began for me. Now over twenty years later I am still a patient with Dr. Simmons, and a happy patient as well. Dental work is always a work in progress and every time that I return, whether it be for a simple cleaning or something more complicated, I know and I am confident that I am in good hands and the treatment I receive will be the best that modern medicine has to offer. On more than one occasion I have had people tell me, "You have beautiful teeth." I cannot tell you just how good that makes me feel, and when I receive a compliment like that my mind goes back to memories I have from Dr. Simmons office. I was hurt and they took care of me like family, and they put me back together again. Sometimes I cannot tell which of my teeth are real and which are implants. Technology has come a long way regarding many aspects of medicine, and I believe that my teeth are just as good if not better than what God Almighty gave me to begin with. I am also very comfortable with Dr. Wayne's son, Dr. Bryhn Simmons. He is a top notch physician who began practicing about the same time as my reconstruction began, and now all of a sudden, he has twenty years under his belt. Dr. Wayne's wife, Helen, oversees the office. This family has built a tremendous operation here in San Antonio and I would recommend anyone that is considering dental work to give them a call. They will sit down with you and discuss your options. Even though the accident that I was involved in was a traumatic experience, it has truly turned out to be a blessing for me. I have learned a lot about dentistry and when I see a friend having trouble with tooth issues I am quick to recommend a trip to the doctor. Technology has come a long way. If you can save a tooth, save it. Brush and floss regularly, it's important. There are so many options available today, if you have an issue see what your options are and start the process. If you are looking for a great team contact Dr. Wayne or Dr. Bryhn Simmons, next thing you know, you might just find yourself writing a review. Yours truly, DPatrick Callahan.

- DPatrtick C

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Patient Review By Randy and Nida F

I was unable to make it to Nida's last visit and wanted to tell you personally how much I appreciate all the work you did for her. The entire staff, front desk to dental technicians, were always very professional and helpful to us both. Everyone showed a genuine concern for Nida's dental needs from start to finish. The process was explained carefully and everything went according to the plan you established. Nida is very happy with the appearance of her implants, and we are both glad we found your practice. Although it is a bit of a drive from Bulverde, it was well worth it. We look forward to seeing everyone again during Nida's follow ups and cleanings!!

- Randy and Nida F

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Patient Review By Genoveva L

I am very happy that I came to Dr. Simmons. He has a very gentle touch, very important when you fear dentists. Easiest visit ever!

- Genoveva L

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Patient Review By Nida F

I really like it!

- Nida F

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Patient Review By Ronald C

Thank You

- Ronald C

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Patient Review By Mich R

For any seeming problem, Dr. Simmons engineers it's results, Thank You!!

- Mich R

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Patient Review By LIZ V

Very pleased with the entire office


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Patient, Mary SterlingI started my journey with my teeth over 10 years ago with my regular dentist. I had a major
problem because my upper jaw was not in line with my bottom jaw – a birth defect. I had to have implants; 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. My upper denture broke numerous times due to the stress the malalignment had put on it.

Approximately 5–6 years later, the surgeon who pulled my teeth and put the implants in, told me that he wanted to get me to a specialist in this field. He referred me to Dr. Wayne Simmons. He studied my case and put me with his son, Dr. Bryhn Simmons.

I just can’t say enough good things about him and their whole family.

Mrs. Wayne Simmons works in the office, which compliments Dr. Wayne and Dr. Bryhn.

I think the most important thing about Dr. Bryhn is that he’s not a quick fixer-upper. He spends time –however much time it takes, to take care of your problem. He knows what he is doing.

It is a wonderful experience to be in their office because you have faith in your doctor.

The whole staff are wonderful, kind, and personable people. You know they all care about you. If you have a problem, they work you into the schedule promptly. Last but not least, the cost of their expertise in what they do, and accomplish, is very reasonable.

I have never smiled so much and so big in all my life. I have never been as proud of my teeth as I am now, thanks to this family of prosthodontists.

Thank you Dr. Bryhn and all of your staff!

—Mary Starling