Patient Review By DPatrtick C

My name is DPatrick Callahan. I was thinking as I was preparing to write this review that anybody who reads it will probably think that I am probably being paid to write it. The reason being that I am so totally happy with all of the work that has been done over the years by doctors Wayne and Bryhn Simmons. I was involved in a serious accident in the spring of 1992. My jaw was shattered, I had groups of 3 and 4 teeth separated from the mandible, and teeth that where sheared from the impact of the lower row of teeth being slammed into the upper row of teeth. Overall it was a pretty traumatic experience. As the recovery process began it was evident that I would need someone who really knew what they were doing to put me back together again. After two years of searching I found Doctor Wayne Simmons and we had a consultation. I felt comfortable with his plan of action and his professionalism. So the journey began for me. Now over twenty years later I am still a patient with Dr. Simmons, and a happy patient as well. Dental work is always a work in progress and every time that I return, whether it be for a simple cleaning or something more complicated, I know and I am confident that I am in good hands and the treatment I receive will be the best that modern medicine has to offer. On more than one occasion I have had people tell me, "You have beautiful teeth." I cannot tell you just how good that makes me feel, and when I receive a compliment like that my mind goes back to memories I have from Dr. Simmons office. I was hurt and they took care of me like family, and they put me back together again. Sometimes I cannot tell which of my teeth are real and which are implants. Technology has come a long way regarding many aspects of medicine, and I believe that my teeth are just as good if not better than what God Almighty gave me to begin with. I am also very comfortable with Dr. Wayne's son, Dr. Bryhn Simmons. He is a top notch physician who began practicing about the same time as my reconstruction began, and now all of a sudden, he has twenty years under his belt. Dr. Wayne's wife, Helen, oversees the office. This family has built a tremendous operation here in San Antonio and I would recommend anyone that is considering dental work to give them a call. They will sit down with you and discuss your options. Even though the accident that I was involved in was a traumatic experience, it has truly turned out to be a blessing for me. I have learned a lot about dentistry and when I see a friend having trouble with tooth issues I am quick to recommend a trip to the doctor. Technology has come a long way. If you can save a tooth, save it. Brush and floss regularly, it's important. There are so many options available today, if you have an issue see what your options are and start the process. If you are looking for a great team contact Dr. Wayne or Dr. Bryhn Simmons, next thing you know, you might just find yourself writing a review. Yours truly, DPatrick Callahan.

- DPatrtick C

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