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Patient Review By Mary Frances B

Ten years ago I had neglected my own dental health due to being the primary caregiver for my wheelchair dependent husband. Finally I had no choice but to seek treatment. Living 120 miles away I had to transport my husband and schedule an appointment conveying to the staff my dilemma. Once my proposed treatment was accepted -- numerous roots canals, fillings and crowns, treatment not only began but Drs. Wayne and Bryhn Simmons arranged their schedule to accomplish all of the extensive treatment in 3 days. Not only did I receive outstanding treatment for my mouth but I received the individual treatment which made a difference in my situation. Thanks to the doctors and the staff, M.F.B., Aransas Pass, Tx

- Mary Frances B

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Patient Review By Adolph N

Thank You!

- Adolph N

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Patient Review By Stephanie W

Wonderful Treatment!!

- Stephanie W

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Patient Review By Marian W

Definitely worth it!!!

- Marian W

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Patient Review By Alma S

Mom and I have received excellent dental care from this practice for over 10 years. The treatment received includes cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions and several implants. We both have been extremely satisfied with all of the dental work performed on us. We also have appreciated the courtesy and professionalism displayed by the entire staff, Thank You!

- Alma S

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Patient Review By Bella S

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- Bella S

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Patient Review By Linda Z

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- Linda Z

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Patient Review By Nancy B

Thanks for making going to the dentist so much easier. đŸ™‚

- Nancy B

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Patient Review By Kristyn F

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- Kristyn F

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Patient Review By Anne O

Great Appointment/staff!

- Anne O

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Patient Review By Ralph P

I have been here twice and I really enjoyed all the staff. Everyone was very professional and attentive. The work I have gotten here has been great. Thanks to everyone.

- Ralph P

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Patient Review By Dorothy w


- Dorothy w

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Patient, Mary SterlingI started my journey with my teeth over 10 years ago with my regular dentist. I had a major
problem because my upper jaw was not in line with my bottom jaw – a birth defect. I had to have implants; 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. My upper denture broke numerous times due to the stress the malalignment had put on it.

Approximately 5–6 years later, the surgeon who pulled my teeth and put the implants in, told me that he wanted to get me to a specialist in this field. He referred me to Dr. Wayne Simmons. He studied my case and put me with his son, Dr. Bryhn Simmons.

I just can’t say enough good things about him and their whole family.

Mrs. Wayne Simmons works in the office, which compliments Dr. Wayne and Dr. Bryhn.

I think the most important thing about Dr. Bryhn is that he’s not a quick fixer-upper. He spends time –however much time it takes, to take care of your problem. He knows what he is doing.

It is a wonderful experience to be in their office because you have faith in your doctor.

The whole staff are wonderful, kind, and personable people. You know they all care about you. If you have a problem, they work you into the schedule promptly. Last but not least, the cost of their expertise in what they do, and accomplish, is very reasonable.

I have never smiled so much and so big in all my life. I have never been as proud of my teeth as I am now, thanks to this family of prosthodontists.

Thank you Dr. Bryhn and all of your staff!

—Mary Starling